Model Ships Made in Macedonia

hand made model ships

Hello Everyone!!!


My name is Aleksandar Mitevski, born in 19.08.1960 in Skopje, Macedonia, with job experience about 30 years until now. The material that Iím using often to make these models is from: walnut, wand of beech-wood, ash-tree, maple-tree, white fir-wood imported from Germany and they have a strong quality. You can take a look at my gallery page, register to my site and put your free opinion on the images of over 25 model ships :) Here are included most of the famous ships ever made, like Santa Maria, Bounty, Titanic, Marry Queen, Cutty Shark, Endevour and many more...

I'm open to meet and have a chat with every person who like and appreciate this kind of art. You'll have my support in everything you wanna know about these ships, they are all for sale, I'll insert the price list very soon.

These ship-models are historic true copy made by the original schemes known everywhere in the world that sailed in the past, and some of them are sailing today.



For every information about buying any of these ships, feel free to write me, I'll contact you soon as possible

I inform you that the price is omitted in the postage. The price will be determined depending on the place of living.